We offer one of the largest ranges of drawer slides available in Australia. Weight capacities from 45Kg to 227Kg with prices to suit all budgets. DrawerSlides.com.au is your one stop solution for all your sliding drawer needs. Let us help you find the right slide, every time.


OCCO Slides - Non Locking

With rated capabilities of between 45Kg to 227Kg, OCCO Slides can cater for many individual installations. Utilised in a variety of applications from fridge slides in 4WD vehicles, to kitchen slides in camper trailers. Motorhomes, RV's and Speciality Trailers are conveniently fitted with OCCO Slides. With competatively priced OCCO Slides up to 1500mm extension length, projects using long slides are now becoming more cost effective alternatives.


OCCO Slides - Locking

We also offer a range of Locking OCCO Slides. All the qualities and capabilites of the non-locking slides but with the an added security locking feature. Locking Occo Slides also rate highly in the Emergency Vehicle Fleets. Fire Trucks, Ambulances and Response Vehicles all rely on the quality and durability of the OCCO Slide product. The possibilities of the OCCO Slide system is only limited by one's imagination.


Zinc Plated Drawer Slides

With rated capabilities of between 45Kg to 227Kg, these Zinc Plated Drawer Slides can cater for many varied installations. With base, side and roller bearing base mount variations available in extension lengths of up to 1500mm these slides are both highly durable and practical.